Tent Solutions


When it comes to a need for quick and easy set up, concrete curing enclosure tents are the choice. They are easily disassembled and stored after use.

CureTec’s enclosure tents are effortlessly pushed together by one or two men to minimize their size and allow the area to be refilled with new product.

Tent solutions are mainly used for controlled curing of pipes, prefabricated parts and pre-stressed elements, where fixed chambers would interfere with the production process.

The robust design and quality materials utilized in CureTec enclosure tents ensure consistent operation and long life.

CureTec tents move on a floor-mounted rail system. Because tents and rails are interconnected, the tents are also anchored to the ground.

Various sized tents, made of high quality material, offer protection against the effects of sun, rain, and snow.

The tarp material used is extremely tear-resistant and UV resistant. The scissor system which forms the skeleton of the tent is made of high-strength and corrosion resistant materials to guarantee durability of the tents.

As an option the tents are also available with insulated tarp material. Motorization of the tents or gates is also possible.

CureTec tents come to the site fully assembled and can be used immediately after installation.