CureFlow Air Circulation Systems


A lot of concrete producers have problems with color consistency or little white spots caused by water drips on the surface of their products.

In these cases we suggest installing a well designed air circulation system in the curing areas to move the air around. Moving air doesn’t give the contained humidity a chance to condense on cold surfaces which helps prevent dripping inside the curing chamber.

Different temperatures in the chamber (top to bottom) are the reason for different product colors. A well designed air circulation system continually circulates the chamber air so that different temperature zones cannot occur.

CureTec designs air circulation systems with high efficiency ventilators for best performance and durability. We use the finest materials and our knowledge gained from more than
15 years of working in the concrete industry in the design
of our systems.

All air circulation systems are custom designed for each application, ensuring high efficiency, low maintenance and economical operation.