AllCure Curing System


CureTec has designed the AllCure System to connect all important elements of a concrete curing system with state-of-the-art technology.

The AllCure System provides a combination of heat, humidity and air circulation that can be used for big chamber systems as well as for individual chamber systems.

The System incorporates these important elements for curing:

Controlled heat transfer
Warm Air Heaters are available with outputs of from 20 kW to 920 kW. These can be fired with natural gas / propane / LPG or fuel oil, and are made out of non corroding materials. The heater is designed for a backpressure of 2500 Pa in order to withstand high pressures.

Controlled humidity
The required humidity is produced by our low pressure steam generator (NDG) or by our CureFog System.

Permanent Air Circulation
Ventilator units range from 1000 m³/h to 100.000 m³/h with a pressure of 2000 Pa. For the air distribution we use corrosion resistant ducting as well as insulated fiberglass coated ducts.

Fully automated process control
All curing and system parameters are controlled and monitored by a Siemens S7 unit. The operation of the system is handled by a user-friendly touch screen panel. By special request we can also provide other control systems.